Hello Eagles! We know that there has been a lot going on lately with COVID-19. But the English Department is going to be bringing some blog posts from students and professors during this time for you all to read. The first person we have blogging is our senior student intern Rachel Mitchell. She is a English Literature major and she’s finishing up her last semester at CSC and will be getting her BA in May before moving onto a MA program in the fall. She will be sharing what it’s like being a senior being a senior during COVID-19. Check out her thoughts below!

Howdy everyone! My name is Rachel Mitchell and currently interning from a distance for the CSC English Department. Since this is my last semester at CSC it has not gone the way I expected to say the least. My time on campus doing a list of “lasts” was cut short. When we left for spring break little did we know many of us would be coming back only to move back home. We would never go to our classes again, see some of our teachers again, and not see some of our friends again. This is not what I expected when I thought of my last semester as an undergrad. Yes, it has been difficult but I am doing my best to not let it all stop me from doing what I want to pursue in life.

This time has been tough and many things have been taken away from me. I feel robbed of so many experiences. But I changed my mindset after I had some time to grieve over everything. There is really nothing I can do to get moments as an undergrad. But I am not letting all of this stop me from pursuing my dreams and goals. I have been working on choosing a graduate school for the fall and working on how to get there and looking into cost of living, etc. I have been using all my energy for having a more solid plan for my future. I want to encourage others to do the same. Although our future is still a little uncertain there’s no reason to not help yourself. If there is something you’ve been meaning to do or look into doing it. There’s plenty of time during the day. Maybe you are interested in going on a little vacation after all of this. Do the research now. Take time to build your future up instead of succumbing to the negativity of today. Being hopeful for the future will help us throughout these days.

It is unfortunately really easy right now to get into a depressed state of mind and sit in that for a while. But if there is anything I have learned from this interesting experience to put it nicely is to help yourself now by preparing for the future. Find something that makes you hopeful for the future and work for it during this time.

I hope you all stay well and healthy during these times! Have a good week!


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