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Grammar is important!

Tacie Lucas

Is grammar important? Do we need to know grammar and all the rules to be successful in life? Yes, grammar is important. Grammar is like a backbone to our language. If we were not taught grammar, we would struggle in life such as writing papers and even communicating. There are so many rules when it comes to grammar, and I feel as if it is hard for students to learn and remember them. When I was in sixth grade, I was taught all the parts of a sentence and I found
that very easy. All the parts of a sentence that we learned we had a song for, so that we could remember it easier. Sixth grade was the only grade throughout elementary and high school I was taught anything grammar related.

Source: A. Sutphen

Being in ENG 320 Grammar and Linguistics (fall 2019), I have learned so much. There is a lot of material that is very confusing, and I wonder why students need to be taught it. When I was in high school, I wish it would have had a grammar class that is similar to my college class because I feel like it would help me tremendously in my writing and even communicating. It would also help me understand all the information I am learning in my college class such as diagramming sentences. Accounting to Sutphen, there are eight reasons why grammar is a valuable asset. After reading the article, three particular reasons caught my eye: improving education, helping students think more logically, and exhibiting professionalism.

Source: https://aboutcommunication.wo rdpress.com/tag/marketing/

The first reason that grammar is important is because it improves your communication skills. Students need to be taught grammar at an early age so that their communication is understandable. Not only do they need to be taught at an early age, but the correct grammar. Being taught the correct grammar helps deliver a clearer message through writing and even speaking to an individual. Writing and talking need to be clear and understandable for someone to comprehend and it all starts with the correct grammar. I work with 2-year old’s every day, and they are constantly saying sentences and words wrong. My job is to correct them and show them the correct way to say words or sentences, so that they don’t learn it the wrong way. Like I said it all starts at a young age. Students communicating is one thing, but when it comes to entering the professional world such as applying for jobs and college, things start to change.

Source: http://www.activedatamobile.co m/sms_text_versus_email_marketing

Grammar is important because it exhibits professionalism. Students communicate using acronyms and slang words today. The usage of acronyms and slang words are unacceptable when it comes to professionalism. Students today learn how to communicate through texting each other. Their peers understand them, but most adults wouldn’t have a clue. Students communicating through text often interferes with students learning grammar. I have experienced and still do till this day that the way I text interferes with the way I write a paper. I tend to catch myself using abbreviations when writing a paper. I find using abbreviations quicker especially when sending a text. That is why I tend to use it when I am writing a paper because I am use to doing it when I send a text. As I am getting older, I try very hard to type out the whole word and make sure the sentence makes sense before sending a text. Ifcstudents would spell out words and make them full sentence’s, it would improve their grammar and professionalism. As students get older, they have to properly compose a professional email, cover letter, resume, and application letters. If I wasn’t taught how the basics of grammar, I would have struggled in

Source: http://www.keepcalmstudio.com/gallery/poster/1eCey dJ

these being professional. Being professional is a big thing when you become older. Not only does grammar exhibit professionalism, but it also helps students think more logically.

According to April Sutphen, when someone has better understanding how to effectively communicate, it helps people think more logically. Understanding the basic concepts of grammar can help deliver students deliver effective sentence and not sentences that are random words that are put together to make a sentence. The ideas generate more and more and helps students expand on what they have written and what they already know. Knowing grammar helps support the writing process along with the learning process.


Sutphen, A. (2019, February 13). 8 Reasons Grammar is Important. Retrieved from https://www.educationviews.org/8-reasons-grammar-is-important/.

Tacie Lucas is a junior studying K-8 education. She plans to teach 1st to 3rd grade in a rural school district. This is her first year at Chadron after transferring as junior from Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte, Nebraska, where she received an associates of art degree. She is from Hershey, Nebraska, which is twelve miles from North Platte, Nebraska.


3 thoughts on “Wordplay Blog: Grammar is important!

  1. Tacie,

    This is a well-written blog. Grammar truly is important and I was not surprised by the reasons why. Grammar is the backbone of communication and language. We could not convey our ideas to one another if our grammar is incoherent.

    I too have trouble seeing the real world application to some of the stuff we learn about grammar such as diagramming sentences. However, it allows us to understand different parts of language and proper format. Speaking of proper, it is important for us as future teachers to know these grammar rules and correct our students of formal usage, especially in a society where texting and abbreviations are so prevalent. Grammar is important in many ways as you found in your article, so we need to stress proper grammar usage to our students so they can learn to be professional and communicate properly in the future.


  2. Tacie,
    You have mentioned some very valuable reasons that grammar is important. Currently, it is a sought-after skill that employers look for during the hiring process. Proper grammar usage and writing skills are important in the professional world, but is it actually necessary to be successful? I agree that it assists in communication skills and helps a person gain a better understanding of the English language; however, I do not think proper grammar usage holds the importance that society emphasizes. With that being said, I am adamant about using proper grammar and correct language usage when speaking and writing because it has been taught to me since I started learning language. But, would it really hinder my ability to communicate if I did not have these skills or is it simply going to keep me from getting a job because society defines intelligence by grammar and language usage? I, personally, believe it is an important quality for a person in the professional workforce to have but I do not believe it determines a person’s intelligence or ability to perform a work task. I know many people who have poor writing and speaking skills but are profound thinkers and problem-solvers. They simply have not gained the knowledge to use proper grammar, but it does not hinder them in communicating their ideas to others. But, on the other, this really depends on the field of study the person is in. Correct grammar usage is put on a pedestal in today’s society, but we should be asking ourselves why before we hold it to this kind of importance.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas! This blog really has me thinking about the importance of correct or poor grammar usage and what kind of impact it can have on a person.


  3. Tacie, this blog is very well thought out and very true in many ways. I always knew grammar was important and it’s nice to know the rules behind it as well. I am a firm believer in using correct grammar when you are writing and speaking. I often find myself correcting others when I hear them speaking incorrect grammar. It is probably one of my little pet peeves. I think you did really well with this blog!


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