I was a little 4’9” freshman (I’m now a 4’9” senior) scared out of my mind, walking into Dr. Coughlin’s office for the first time, towards the end of my first semester. The only plan I ever had for my life, since the 7th grade, had just crumbled before my eyes.

Since I was 13, I had known that I wanted to have a career in the medical field. I came to CSC with that goal in mind, as an RHOP student, ignoring of the fact that my lowest two ACT scores were math and science, while my highest was reading (*cue applause*). I was raised by an English teacher and librarian, and the love of books and literature proved to be hereditary. Regardless, I let my rebellious side that got the best of me and entered my freshman year in the Math & Science Department. I wanted to write my own story, make my own path, and do my own thing, regardless of where I knew my heart was tugging me.

Just minutes into meeting Dr. Coughlin, I knew where I belonged. The energy that he expressed was contagious. It was an energy of excitement, love, and a passion for his students and his job. It was no question that, upon leaving his office, Dr. Coughlin was invested in my success. Throughout my time here, Dr. Coughlin has always proved to have more faith and confidence in me as a writer and student.

The CSC English Department has proven to be another home for me. The team of professors has coached not only me, but countless other students, throughout our time here. They are shoulders to cry on. They are invested not only in their student’s academically but in their health and well-being.

Professionally, the CSC English Department pushed, what I previously thought were my limits, to a whole new level. I have grown so much as a writer, student, and individual since being placed in their classrooms. They truly prepare their students for the professional world and don’t hesitate to counsel a student through his or her career options. The one-on-one time that they are able to give to students is something priceless. They push their students to achieve above and beyond what one could ever expect.

This semester, I will graduate with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. I’m not just graduating CSC a better writer and reader, but I’m leaving a better person.

They have helped shape me into the person that I am today. They teach their students to see the world through multiple different lenses and perspectives. Students come out of their classes as more caring, thoughtful, and empathetic individuals. Studying under this department has truly been a privilege. The lessons taught in the classroom span beyond the classroom walls. And, that, I believe is priceless.

In a college so remote, there is a family waiting for you. A community of professors that want to see nothing but your success. Come visit the CSC English Department and see how they can help you find your story!


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